AUTOMATION & ROBOTICS IN AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH UNIT: Agricultural Tractor R6 equipped with electronic systems & ISOBus • Three-point hitch dynamometer to measure draft requirement of mounted implements • Soil tillage laboratory equipment (Soil bin and carriage unit for tines and blades • Tractive performance of a model crawler tractor) • Soil moisture sensors • Remote telemetric units for environmental monitoring (ADCON TELEMETRY) • Data acquisition systems, Temperature & relative humidity sensors • Solar radiation sensors • Camera • Handled GPS Receiver • Load cells • Hydraulic Systems components • Electronic Lab Equipment (Multimeter, Oscilloscope, Temperature controlled soldering station, etc.)

DEVELOPMENT & DESIGN OF AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY RESEARCH UNIT: Center for Design & Computation equipped with 3 PCs and 3 laptops • Plotter (max A0) • Software packages AUTOCAD, INVERTOR, ANSYS, FORM Z, & small Machine Shop.

VIBRATION ANALYSIS & NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING OF MACHINES RESEARCH UNIT: One axis & Three axis Accelerometers • Vibration Calibrator • Tachometer probe • PULSE analyzer platform (hardware & software) (Bruel & Kjaer) • Hand-held Vibration Analyzer (VibroTest 60/ Bruel & Kjaer) • Scanning Laser Vibrometer (Polytec/PSV-400) • MATLAB R2008a • Mobile filtration unit with fluid control for permanent monitoring of the oil purity level (HYDAC OF5 with FCU)

SOLIDS & LIQUIDS BIOFUEL TECHNOLOGIES RESERCH UNIT: Bomb Calorimeter (C5000/IKA WERKE) • Automated Dilute Solution Viscometer (ViscoSystems AVS 370/Schott Instruments) • Flash Point Tester (FG-K16909-KW) • Coulometric Karl Fischer titrator (TitroLine KF/SI Analytics) • Drying-sterilize oven (Slecta) • Muffle furnace for ashing (1100⁰C/8L) • Biomass stalk cutter • Oilseed screw press (FARMET) • Transesterification reactor • Internal Combustion Engines • Emission Analyzer (BEA350/Bosh) suitable for emission testing on petrol and diesel engines • Opacimeter • Electrical Dynamometer (FROMENT XT200) • Hydraulic Dynamometer • Diesel fuel pump test bench (Bosch) 

HEALTH & SAFETY AT WORK IN AGRICULTURE RESERCH UNIT: Tractor stability test bench, Human Vibration Analyzer Type 4447(Bruel & Kjaer) • Sound Level Meter Type 2270 (Bruel & Kjaer) • Aerotrak handled particle counter 9306 (TSI) • Hazardous gas detector (GFG Microtector II G460 SET (CH4, O2, CO2, H2S)) • Heat stress monitor (RSS-214)